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About Neon-Soft.de

"Neon-Soft" was "founded" back in 2008, it was more of a kids joke to share some tiny branded ".bat" (or similar simple script formats) files that served as simple automation scripts, or jokes.
Unknown brand
After the "founding" we've been like an underground publisher, releasing our various projects in forums or via private conversation, Neon-Soft was an unknown - but growing - brand.
It was mostly known to family and friends, mouth to mouth marketing was the only real sharing we've got.
December 2013
Website purchase
On the 15th December of 2013 Neon-Soft was made official by purchasing the very website you're looking at right now, ever since we publish our various random projects on this website, back then it was a German website, the migration to english content was nowhere near yet.
A bit here, a bit there
The time between 2014 and 2016 was pretty silent for us, we made a few tiny tools there, some game modding there, nothing major.
However we still managed to get around and keep slowly growing by extending our knowledge in different development categories.
Getting around the world
Around 2017 to 2018 we got our first real project all around the world (NeoPowerMenu), the first of our projects to go way past our expectations!
This was just the beginning, the months after that we pushed out a whole lot of website projects that got quite popular! (Points System to name one)
December 2018
Migration to english content
On the 2nd of December 2018 our entire website was remade, we've now been a full english website!
In addition we've changed our branding to "Neon-Soft.de" (we added the ".de" since in the past years some american company decided to use our name, guess we've been too underground after all).

It wasn't the first time this website contained english content, we already had a few popular english products, but our main website never got the memo and thus stayed in a years old german design for way too long.