The end of Amino related projects.
Heyho fellow people, this is just a quick update on the recent happenings...

The Amino Backup Service was officially our last project related to the social media app Amino, our experience with their app is unsatisfactory since quite some time...
But we've dealt with it and kept going in the hope it'll improve someday, but so far it has only been getting worse, and by now we no longer see it worth our time (and money, gotta pay for our server after all) to keep going like that...

All currently active services we provide to extend the features of Amino will stay available for as long as they're still in active use, however we will no longer do significant updates to them, the only thing we will keep on doing are bug fixes and stability maintenance!

We would like to thank everyone who used our Amino related projects, and hope that even without significant updates in the future the projects will stay useful to you all. (You can report bugs using our support form)

Maybe someday we will come back to creating tools for Amino, but for now we're out.

If you ever decide to leave Amino, be sure to check out the backup service and use it to download all your precious content from your profiles!
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Robin G.
14th September 2019 - 11:23:43 AM


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Precious Doggo
Precious Doggo
Woof woof ?
5th October 2019 - 3:22:27 PM
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Kai Bannon
Amino always gets worse, pretty soon we’ll have 3rd party apps for Amino just so people have a nice bug free experience with just communities & no stories.
17th September 2019 - 3:57:45 PM