Points System
The Points System provides a fully adjustable virtual currency for your own Amino community, the balance of your members is managed fully automatically, no more need for wiki entry or member title updating whenever someone uses their currency.

Additionally it offers a store environment for your members which allows them to sell commissions using the system's currency!
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Amino Backup Service
The Amino Backup Service is an easy to use website to backup the contents of Amino profiles, this includes all media files and text found in posts.
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Community Viewer
Want to peek into a Amino Community without joining the community?

Then here's the tool for you!
View chats, posts, members and more without having to let a single bit of your own profile leak into the community you peek into.
Private & Request to join communities can't be viewed!
Custom Public Chat List
Don't like Amino's public chat list layout?
Worry no more, we got you covered with our own custom version!

This tool is a beta version, bugs are to be expected!
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NeoPowerMenu is a Xposed module allowing you to fully customize the power menu of your Android device.

Don't like the graphics or colors?
Then change them!

Need more functionality in your menu?
NeoPowerMenu offers a variety of new options to put into your power menu. (To name a few random ones: screen recorder, app shortcuts, kill foreground app, and more)
NeoPowerMenu (v2.0)
NeoPowerMenu allows Android users to customize their entire power menu, from colors to what's shown inside, the sky is the limit!
NeoHack (Outdated)
NeoHack was the first Android app I ever created, it's purpose was to fake a WiFi hacking process.

It's only kept on this page for nostalgic reasons, after all it was my first ever app ^^
NeoLiveWP (Outdated)
NeoLiveWP is a live wallpaper for android devices, it combines a image slideshow with animated moving lines.

While this app works smoothly, and with small file size, I still suggest to use alteratives found on Google Play Store, this app is very old and one of my first creations.
Terraria [MOD] (Outdated)
This Terraria mod is also known under the name TMI4T, it adds a custom menu to the inventory which allows one to receive all of the games items at any point.

This mod is outdated, last compiled version is with Terraria base version
Sky-High was an attempt at creating a platforming game, it was originally created by someone else.
I was only hired as a UI designer, yet the development stopped shortly after the UI was done.

Now I'm releasing my unfinished version as a proof of concept I guess.
CMD Intro Generator (Outdated)
The "CMD Intro Generator" was once used by myself to generate a matrix cmd kind of intro video for my bad YouTube videos, nowadays it'll probably only crash because it can't handle bigger screen resolutions.
Media-Player (Outdated)
This Media-Player was my first ever Windows program, only kept on this page for nostalgic reasons.

While it can play many formats, and is quite small at it, I highly suggest using another program, after all a child programmed this years ago, don't expect it to work well.